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  • peanut sheller

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    The Gambia has 605,000 hectares of arable land, half of which plants with peanuts. Not long ago, we sold several…

  • miya halifa

    hefemale,Zimbabwe customer’s first purchase This customer is a distributor of agriculture machine in Zimbabwe. He has purchased our agriculture machine…

  • shipping4

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    lily adams,Peruvian customers order a batch of agricultural machinery from our factory every year. This year, another 40HQ container of agricultural…

  • shipping of pumpkin seed extractor machine


    netpornsex,What is the function of the pumpkin seed extractor machine? Before purchasing our pumpkin seed extractor, you can check the…

  • Tomato-Automatic-Seeding-Machine-Sold-to-Morocco

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    naked gand,Technology is driving progress in all aspects of life. In various countries, vegetable nursery seeding machines have been widely used…

  • chaff-cutter-and-grinders

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    couple gifs,As the name suggests, the grass cutter and grinder can crush both grass and grain. Our old customers all know…

  • rice-nursery-seedings-machine

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    mom xxx hd,The cost of mechanized rice nursery seedling is low, and the efficiency is dozens of times that of artificial seedling…

  • 3-sets-combined-peanut-sheller-machine

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    amrican porn,Introduction of Combined Peanut Sheller machine The peanut shelling unit includes a cleaning part and a sheller part. The cleaning…

  • Corn-Grits-Processing-Equipment

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    Before looking at customer feedback, you should understand the functions, the advantages of the corn grits processing equipment. Many people…,sex hd porn

  • agriculture-machine-shipped-to-Nigeria


    Recently, we exported a full container of agriculture machine to Nigeria. This customer is an old customer that we have…,best fuck

  • mom xxx hd

    uflash tv,Africa is the largest agricultural and economic country, and it has a huge area of arable land. Our walking tractors,…

  • silage harvester and baler machine

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    xxxhd video,Silage Harvester in Pakistan The customer in Pakistan is a farmer who has been raising sheep for many years. Previously,…

  • rice thresher


    We sold 5 rice threshers with model TZ-50 to Nigeria. In addition, the customer ordered 3 different screens for threshing…,uflash tv

  • tomato nursery seedling machine

    Tomatoes are nutritious and have a special flavor. The cultivated tomatoes have a wide range of applications. They can be eaten…,hd porn'

  • peanut sheller machine


    uflash tv,Peanuts can be eaten after simple processing, and deep processing can also be made into nutritious food and health products. The…

  • maidsex

    lily adams,  Multifunctional  thresher our customer from Nigeria ordered 200 sets of corn thresher machines at a low price again. We…

  • hantai haven

    Last week, we sold 20GP agriculture machines to Peru including 65 sets pellet machine, 5 sets fish feed pellet machine,…,sex vdieo hd

  • best mom sex

    skyla novia,Today we send 7 sets chaff cutter machine to Haiti, and it is equipped with 15-20hp diesel engine. Technical parameter…

  • chaterbuate

    In recent years, we have designed a new type of thresher machine that is mainly used to thresh rice and…,xxin sex

  • skse video

    exxxtra teen,We sold 5 sets small size pumpkin harvester to Mexico last week. Our customer is a local dealer, and there are…

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