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Rice huller machine consists of 9 parts and is a whole processing line to process the rice, removing the rice husk and other impurities during working. Its capacity is 600-700kg/h and you get rice with high quality. In recent years, we export this paddy miller to such countries as Thailand, Nigeria, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc, and those countries mainly market for it, thus our company has already built a long-time partnership with them. In addition, warranty for integrated rice milling unit is 2years.

The structure of rice huller machine


Technical parameter of rice huller machine

Capacity 600-700kg/h
Milling rate 71%
Total power(not include the crushing machine) 19.25kw
Total power(include the crushing machine) 26.26kw
Dimension 3000*2600*2900mm

Main parts and related functions of rice huller

Specification Function
1-Rice hopper  Inlet
2-Single hoist Lifting rice to suction gravity stone remover from a dust belt
3-Suction gravity stone remover Remove stone and straw from Rice
4-Automatic rice husking machine Remove the husk from the rice and turn the rice into brown rice.
5-Twin hoist It consists of two bucket belts. One is brown rice after the husk is broken by a lifting thresher, and the other is gravity sieve, which is cleaned by lifting and sucking specific gravity stone remover.
6-Gravitational sieves Completely separate rice from brown rice.
7-Power Distribution Box They are all contactor. Control the start of each motor.
8-Negative pressure rice mill Whitening and polishing brown rice
9-Broken rice grading screen Separating broken rice from finished rice
10-Grinder (crushed chaff and rice bran).

Motor model of rice huller machine

Motor model Matching parts of motor
0.75KW-6 level (960 RPM) 6-Gravitational force screen(one) 5-Twin hoist(one)
1.1KW-4 level (1420 RPM) 3-Suction gravity stone remover(Small motors for stone removal)(one)
1.1KW-2 level (2800 RPM) 3-Suction gravity stone remover(Small motors for stone fans)(one)
22KW-4 level (1460 RPM) Grinder,8- negative pressure rice mill and 4- automatic rice hullers

One motor (one)

15KW-4 level (1460 RPM) If customers do not want 10 crusher. 8- negative pressure rice mill and 4- automatic rice hulling machine, they share a 15-kilowatt motor.
550W-4 (1320 RPM) 9-Broken rice grading screen (one)
Total power of a machine:26.25KW(Grinder containing 10-)6 motors Fine bran type

19.25KW(10- pulverizer)6 motors Bran type

Machine length: 3.3m, width: 2.6m, height: 2. 9m
The number of packages is 3 pieces

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The main machines are all assembled together, the machine pallet is made of iron, and the four sides are hot pressing plates. Users can easily use them.

Technical parameter

Overall weight 900kg
Dimensions 3300x 2750 x 2800mm
gravity screen 0.75KW-6 level
Double hoist 0.75KW-6 level
suction fan of rice destoner machine 0.75KW-2 level
rice destoner machine 1.1KW-4 level
rice sieve (optional) 0.37KW-4 level
Main unit 15KW-4 level / 22KW-4 level (with crushing)

The structure and technological process

Rice milling machine uses single hoist to remove the ash, stone, and other impurities, and then conveys the raw material to the rice milling part and the gravity screen part through the double hoist, separating the crushed rice husk that will be blown out by fan and brown rice. The brown rice is processed into white rice by the rice miller, and the broken rice is further screened by the sieve.

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Advantage of rice huller machine

  1. Rice milling machine is reasonable in structure, processing high-quality white rice.
  2. Compared with other types of rice milling machine for sale, the crushing part at the back of this machine can fully crush the rice husk that can be used to feed animals.
  3. High cleaning rate. It has a stone removing part, completely removing the little stone, grass, etc. In addition, the vibrating screen can filter the impurities again.
  4. Rice hulling machine boasts high purity rate, and the final rice is pretty white.
  5. There are no chaff and broken rice contained in the final rice,
  6. Gravity sieve works with high speed.
  7. low noise and no dust in the white rice
  8. High capacity and low power consumption

Working principle of rice huller machine

  1. Put the rice into feeding hopper(1).
  2. Elevator(2) conveys the rice into rice destoner part (3) that removes the stone contained in the rice.
  3. Elevator(4) conveys the rice again and then rice drops into the huller part(5), removing the husk of rice.
  4. Rice goes into the grader and sorter part(6), however, the rice with lightweight and bad quality will go into the rice huller part(5). Elevator(4) conveys these bad rice to the grader and sorter part again, which means bad quality rice will enter the rice huller part and elevator twice.
  5. And good rice will directly enter the rice mill part(8) to be polished
  6. Polished rice enters into the screening part(9) which vibrates violently to filter the broken rice and impurities again.
  7. Finally, you will get white rice from the outlet of the screening part.


How to disassemble lower bearing of hoist?

xxx.c9m,1.loose the fixing panel of the base bearing of the single (double) hoist(14, 15).

  1. Remove the dust cover of bearing(1, 13) on both sides.
  2. Loosen the flat plate fixing the bolt.
  3. Use the iron to hold against the left shaft head and hit the right side.
  4. Remove the hoist shaft.

The sequence of disassembling lower bearing of hoist,3d sex

15- 14-→2→1→12→13→5,8-9,braqzzers

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Note: When the single (double) hoist is in use, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the bucket belt. If the hoist is easy to block or can not discharge rice, please check if the bucket belt, upper or lower base is loose. Then check whether the pulley fixing bolt is loose ( 5 ) and whether the iron plate at the exit of the upper seat of the hoist slides downward.,xxx 95 com


  1. Tighten the belt pulley on both sides of the hoist to tension the bucket belt.

chaterbute,2. Tighten the fixed bolt of belt pulley of upper and lower hoist.

  1. Open the cover of the upper part of the hoist and push the iron plate at the exit upwards, then lock it.(the distance that the iron plate pushes upwards should be based on the standard that the bucket belt does not hit the iron plate).

After the hoist is blocked, there is a gate on the left or right side of the lower seat of the hoist, which can be used to pull out the impurities in the hoist through the gate.,zz xxx

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Successful case of rice huller machine

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  1. How many types of combined rice milling machine do you have?

sex in 18,As for this series, we have more than 10 types, and each type adds some part on the base of this one.

  1. What is the biggest capacity of this series of machine?

The biggest capacity is 800-1000kg/h.,bondageporn

  1. What is the difference between this big size rice milling machine and other types?

The rice processed by this machine boasts higher quality and there is almost no broken rice and impurities such as stone and chaff. In addition, it has lifter, stone removing part, crushing part and screening part, which is not includes in the normal rice milling machine.,arab porm

  1. Is it easy to install and disassemble machine?

Yes, we can arrange our technician to help you install it if necessary.,miakhalifa

  1. what is the broken rate?

top sex pics,The broke rate of rice is less than 1%

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